How to be More Positive in Life: 6 Simple Tips

From the beginning of our life, when we were children, we used to try to discover everything around us with a lot of passion and positive energy, But While we go through our life we start to lose these things. In my opinion, the main reason for losing these things is our way of thinking. And as William Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” and as we all know our mind is the main controller in our way for thinking, I think we all have to improve our mind and its way of thinking trying make it think in a positive way. Because, thinking in a positive way can give us happy and Successful life. So let me tell you 6 ways to be more positive thinker.


1- Believe in Changing.

Everyone can do a lot of incredible things with his imagination, but we get back to the real world, we start to feel a little of distrust in our self and this sense can prevent us from making these incredible things that we imagined. You have to believe in yourself and in your ability to change from negative to positive thinker. Because when you start thinking in that way you will already have passed a big part of your journey to be a positive thinker.


2- Positive Things in our life.

Sometimes we get into our daily routine in very hard way, and this routine Affect our life negatively. And one of the quickest ways to shift our way of thinking away from negativity and disappointment is start looking around us for the good things which can give us a positive energy. When you start looking for these things you have to remember very important rule, everything in this life has a good side and bad side. I always want you to look very hard for the good side of the situation, person or anything else and I promise you, if you took the time to think about it very well, you will find a positive thing even if it was the experience you get.


3- Healthy Life Style.

As we all know doing exercises, eating healthy food and trying to live healthy live is not only good for our body but it also good for our mind. Our mind and body have an essential connection and each has a profound impact on the other, so if you want to start thinking in a positive way you have to take care of your body, because the power that get into your body from healthy things will reduce stress levels and positively affect mood which will give your mind the power to think in a positive way.


4- Little Achievements.

When I was thinking about the positive thinking, I found that we always build our happiness on something or someone, and we also think that we don’t have the happiness as long as we don’t have this person or this thing in our life. But the truth is if we want to start thinking in a positive way we have to start making a list of the little achievements, by making this list we give our self some of positive energy which make us thinking in a positive way that we in the right road to reach our big target.


5- Reading Books.

Whenever I searched in any subject, I found that reading books could be one of the best elements, which have a connection to any subject. As long as we are talking about our mind and the way of thinking, so reading books comes first. When you read a book and gain or learn something from it, you are actually feeding your mind. Your mind is like your body need to be strong to be able to face the negative thoughts that we are facing every day. You should also read books in different topics, which will give you the important information about a lot of things, then you will find yourself looking for things from a new perspective.

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6- Sharing Positive Thoughts.  

By making the things that I have mentioned above, I think your way of thinking will be changed and you will feel better, but you still need to do something to be officially positive thinker. You need to share these positive thoughts with other positive thinkers, because the more you surround yourself with those people, the more you can keep the mood of positivity.   


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