How to Improve Your Marriage Relationship

Before marriage, you probably thought that there will not be any problems and you will live a happy life with your partner, but the real fact is that in our life, nothing has one side, everything has a good side and bad side, and we need to deal with all sides. In my opinion, the problems that happen in the marriage are starting from the relation between the couple not outside. There are a lot of small things that we mayn’t notice them, but it can destroy the relation if it started to grow up and We continued not to notice it. So from now you have to start noticing that small problems, and beside that I will tell you the most effective ways to improve your marriage relationship.


1- Take Care When You Discuss

One of the most important things that we live our life and don’t notice its importance is the word. Some words can change the situation from negative to positive. Of course, we will have some problems in our life and those problems could happen because of your partner, so when you decide to discuss this problem, try to avoid critical words that could have a negative impact in the long term. You should also try to figure what is the best time to start your discussion, because this will help you and your partner to reach the suitable solution for any problem.


2- Be Like Friends

I think all of us get to our best friend when we have a problem in our life, even sometimes we know that our friend doesn’t have a solution for the problem. I also think this desire of sharing this problem with our best friend does not rise from trying to find a solution, but rise from trying to express our feelings to get rid of the negativity inside us. Therefore, I think sharing your problems and daily events with your partner could help in understanding the main point of your conflict and what you should do to keep your marriage under control and stable. By the time, you will start to feel free to sit down with your partner and tell him about what happened in your day.


3- Talk about Ambitions

Of course, we have ambitions for our career, our partner and everything else in our life. Some of these ambitions may not happen in the life for any reason, but this shouldn’t stop us from trying to reach our ambitions. As we know, we need to talk about everything we want to change In order to suit our ambitions, so we should start talking with our partner about things that we need him to change it and try to put specific points that you cannot accept it in his character, but as I mentioned before, you should avoid critical words that could have a negative impact in the long term.


4- Go out Together

Staying at home for a long time without going out for a dinner or even for walking could increase the negative power that eventually cause the problems. Here please let me ask you about your memories of first date and all happiness that was between you because you were together and decided to stick together forever. Now you probably want to get back that happiness, if I were you, I will start with setting a plan for a dinner or even for going out just for walking and while we are eating or walking I will talk about our happy memories there is no better chance than this to talk about these memories. I think by doing this a lot of things will change and you will get back some of the happiness that you miss.


5- Do it for at Least Once a Week


One of the most important things that have a lot of impact on all life sides is sex. Some studies has shown that having sex for at least once a week make partners satisfied about a lot of negative things in the life. Here I am not talking about forcing yourself or your partner to have sex, but I am pointing to a main problem that could happen and we don’t notice it because we live a busy life. So try to motivate your partner and yourself to do it, because it could be your key for a lot of closed doors.


6- Express your Love

Couples don’t make the decision to get married unless they are sure of their love for each other, because they know that Love is a choice, a decision and a commitment. After married, we forget to express our love because we probably feel it is not important like before marriage, but the truth is everyone need it, we need to hear some beautiful words from time to time, because these words give us the positive power to continue in facing our life difficulties. So never stop saying “I love you”.






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