How to Improve Your Intelligence: 9 Tips on Unlocking Your Mind’s Potential

We’ve all heard many demotivating stories about the human brain, but today I am asking you to forget all these stories and I will tell you the truth about the brain and how to improve your intelligence.

The truth is that our brain is like plastic, which means it can develop throughout our life. Like muscles develop with a physical workout, intelligence can be shaped up through brain exercises. Improving your intelligence is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. So here are 9 steps to improve your intelligence and to start looking at life in a new Perspective.


1- Reading Books

Many people may think reading books is just something marginal or something for people who want to increase their enlightenment but the truth is intelligence begins with reading. The more you will read, the more you will absorb and therefore the more intelligent you will get.

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2- Regular Physical Exercise

You may wonder what the link between intelligence and exercise is, and that you should spend time reading books to strengthen your intellect. But I realized that time spent in exercising always leads to greater learning because it improves productivity during the time afterwards. Exercising will improve blood flow and oxygenation in the brain, and good general health promotes good mental health.

If you want to learn more about how exercise benefits you then check out our short but informative article on the many benefits of exercising.

3- Watching TV

Many people love to stay in front of the TV for long hours. Actually, I was one of those people. The problem is, watching television doesn’t use your mental capacity. But you could use the TV in a useful way. Watching documentaries, factual films and current affairs programs will improve your general knowledge, which will improve your intelligence, and you may discover new interests.


4- Sleeping Early

If you want to have the mental power to improve your intelligence, you must maintain that early to Bed, Early to Rise. Waking up early gives you more productive hours and maximizes your mental acuity all day. If you stay up late and compensate by sleeping late, this will result in several problems. Numerous studies have shown that lack of sleep can impair mental function in the areas of alertness, attention span, concentration, short-term and long-term memory, and so on.


5- Spend Time with Intelligent and Educated People

Meeting up with Intelligent and educated people regularly for stimulating conversation on a diverse range of subjects will improve your way of thinking. Through challenging intellectual discussion with intelligent people, you will be exposed to novel ideas and fresh perspectives, and will learn the ways in which intelligent people think and express themselves, and these will often rub off on you.


6- Games

There’s games that help boost your intelligence such as puzzles and video games. Video games and puzzles do have cognitive benefits such as improving an individual’s basic mental abilities, such as concentration, perception, memory, and problem solving. Intelligence games also enhance visual awareness, levels of attention control, flexibility and analytical skills.


7- Food

We all have a general idea of what to eat to stay lean and healthy, but certain foods can help give your brain and body a boost by helping to narrow focus, improve memory, relieve stress, and reduce fatigue. Numerous studies have found that foods like salmon, nuts, berries, beans and dark chocolate may help combat memory loss. In addition, a recent study found a link between eating more blueberries and strawberries and a reduced rate of cognitive decline.


8- Refine Thinking

Don’t just think but think about how you are thinking when you think. It’s a quite a handful of words, but it works. If you plan out your thinking process you will think more productively. Don’t wait for ideas to become clear. Always be on the edge and make connections between things. Things like breathing exercises, chewing gum and drinking enough water can help you improve your thinking.


9- Don’t Give Up

Improving your intelligence won’t happen in a short time. It, like anything else, needs time and exercise to reach results.  Anybody can become smarter and improve their intelligence so never give up and keep trying. One day after the other, you will start to feel your intelligence increasing at that time you will be very proud of yourself.

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