5 tips to Deal With Loneliness and Depression

When I decided to write about this topic, I started to think about a lot of questions.  And When I tried to find answers to my questions, I found that all of us have experienced some degree of loneliness, if only for a short time. I also found out that when we feel loneliness, we think it is something Untreatable, but the truth is that loneliness is something could happen to anyone at any time because of a lot of things. So we are here want to start dealing with the depression that caused by loneliness because we don’t want to let that depression affect your life. Therefore, here are 5 tips to deal with loneliness and Depression.


1- Start with Acceptance

Before anything else, you should start accepting this condition and start dealing with it in the correct format. Here I am just telling you to deal with that depression as something could happen to anyone at any time for a lot of reason as I mentioned above, but you shouldn’t let yourself believe that it is something will stand forever. You also shouldn’t let your mind affect your focusing, our brain is designed to pay attention to everything happening to us. Your brain could start to create ties to make an explanation for your loneliness, which could be just imaginations, so you should keep your focus on moving forward to overcome this condition.


2- Stay Away From Social Media

Maybe you think social media help you to still connect with your family and your friends, you also may think that social media could help you make new friends, but some studies have found a link between depression and social media. These studies have confirmed that social media is addictive; A study a few years ago from Swansea University found that people experienced the psychological symptoms of withdrawal when they stopped using social media. Therefore, you should give yourself a break from social media for a day, or perhaps for a month. See if this makes any difference to your loneliness, and ask yourself what you can learn from this.


3- Relationships Are Important

Sometimes we just feel depression or loneliness because we get into our daily routine and have a busy life. I realize that all of us has a lot of things that make us busy for the most of our life, but we shouldn’t let these things control our life and prevent us from living a happy life with the people that we feel comfortable with them. So start to make a plan to contact all people that you haven’t called them for a long time. I am sure contacting your family and old friends will make you feel better.


 4- Read

As I said before reading books something very important for all of us, in a lot of times reading books could be your easy way to get rid of a lot of negative things that cause depression for you like loneliness. Reading books will give you a beautiful feeling that you are connected to the world. It also can transfer you to new places. While you are reading, you will feel that you are in dialogue with the writer and this will help you that to feel that you are not alone again.


5- Do Exercises

As I mentioned above that reading books smoothing very important, doing exercises also a very important thing. You may think that exercises are important for your general health, but the truth is that your Psychological and mental health affect your general health. Besides that, your health problems could make a lot of depression, so try to keep doing exercises to prevent any of these problems.


6- Go to the Doctor

Sometimes when we feel that we have done everything to get rid of depression but you still feel it or you could feel that depression has increased, so when you start to have these feelings, you should go to see the doctor. The doctor will help you to put a professional plan, which will be suitable for your condition and will help you to prevent or reduce the depression.


At the end, I hope that you will not give up and you will not let that feel of depression or loneliness destroy your life. Moreover, always remember that this is your life and you are the only one who can decide in which way you will live it.



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